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How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

Junk Car Value

Has your car reached the end of its useful life and is taking up a parking spot? A quick glance at it, and you’ll know that your car is worth just a fraction of the amount you paid for it. However, the good news is that you can still convert your car into cash. In a hot market like San Diego, you may even be surprised with your junk car’s worth.

If you have a junk car that you would like to dispose of as soon as possible, you have come to the right place as we will help you determine how much your junk car is worth. You may know that many people scrap their cars to get rid of them.

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This is because they do not like to deal with the inconvenience and hassle of fixing it and then selling it themselves. You may be wondering what the value in scrapping your old vehicle is. Like most things, the answer depends.

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Before contacting a junk car buyer and asking them about your junk car’s worth, you must be aware of some essential factors that will impact its value. This is important as it will help you understand why a car buyer, such as a junkyard, makes you the specific offer that they do.


Value of Junk Cars

Did you know that a majority of junk cars in the US are worth between $150 and $500? However, some cars can even have a value of $20,000. This will depend on the make and model! For example, if you have an old Chevy lying around, it could actually be an absolute gold mine for you!

For San Diego and Riverside county, we found that your junk car’s worth can range between $100 for small cars to $900 for full-size cars like an SUV, Jeep, or Pick-Up truck. Call Dr. Cash For Car  for a same-day quote.

However, it is likely that you will not strike gold with most old cars. So, what is the amount that you will get for junking your car?

Factors Affecting Your Junk Car’s Worth

Let’s consider the various factors that can impact the value of the car.

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The Type of Car You Have

Note that one of the first and most important things most buyers will ask you is what kind of car you have. The buyer will inquire about the make and model of your car before making an offer.

Buyers do this as there are specific types of cars that they tend to prefer based on their popularity. Do you have a car with parts that are always in high demand? If so, you will probably get good offers.


Condition of Your Car

This is another crucial factor. Note that the condition of your car will determine what a car buyer will be able to do with it. Will the buyer strip it and then sell the various spare parts? Or will the buyer turn the car into scrap metal and then sell that?

It is worth noting that even if your junk vehicle does not run smoothly, its other parts might be in good condition, making them quite valuable to other people.

For instance, a car with a new door may fetch a great price for somebody who only needs a door. On the other hand, if your car is out-of-whack or rusty, you are more likely to get the bare minimum price.


Age of Your Car

A junk car buyer may also ask you about the year that your car was manufactured. So, keep in mind that your car’s age will be a significant determining factor in how much money you will get for it. It is crucial to find out the year that your car was manufactured if you are unsure about it before you contact a junk car buyer.



You may not know this, but where you live or your location plays a crucial role in determining what you can receive for your junk car. For example, note that your proximity to a junkyard or salvage yard, as well as the regional price of scrap, plays an essential role in how much you will receive for your junk vehicle.


Scrapping Your Car for the Most Money

You will be happy to know that you can receive more for your junk car than the standard per-pound rate if major parts and components are still in good or reasonable working condition. For example, if the transmission shifts and the engine runs, you may be able to receive more cash for your junk car.

To receive the best offers for your junk car, it is best to look for a scrap yard or junkyard that sells used car parts. After that, make sure that your car works as well as possible—inflate the tires, charge the battery, etc.


Trading in Your Car

Are you considering getting another car to replace your junk car? If yes, arranging a trade-in with a local dealership is also a good option. Keep in mind that if you decide to trade in your car to a dealer, they may apply the offer price towards the down payment for your new car.

While your car’s condition will determine the price that a car dealer will offer you if your car still runs, it is likely they will take it in a trade. Before trading in your clunker, it is best to call a couple of dealers in your area to get some estimates. You will likely receive more from a car dealership than a junkyard or scrap yard.

Scrap Car Prices for 2021. Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several ways to scrap a junk car. Finding the most suitable option will usually depend on your schedule and how much research you do. In most cases, you can expect to receive 20% to 40% of your vehicle’s resale value if you scrap it.

Call Quick Cash For Cars  or fill our online quote to find out how much your junk car is worth and request to get an instant price quote to sell your car in San Diego or Riverside. Get Quote

However, always be prepared and ready to negotiate. This will ensure that you do not get low-balled. And remember the factors discussed above while preparing yourself.

If you are looking to scrap your car and are not having luck finding a buyer or dealer willing to work with you, Dr Cash For Car wants to help. We will purchase your junk car whether it is used, damaged, or junk. Contact us today if you would like to know how much you can receive for your junk car.